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Areas of expertise
  • Guarding the door – Letting us know when the postman has arrived
  • Looking for a snack – Poppy can be found becoming ‘extra’ friendly around lunchtime hours
  • Affection searching – It is not uncommon to feel the brushing of a paw appear from under your desk, looking for that endearing cuddle
Key attributes
  • Will generally eat, sleep & repeat most of the day
  • Will hound you for ANY type of snack
  • Will encroach personal space in order to receive hugs

Poppy is the token office cuteness – Nothing but a ball of fur roaming around weaving under desks in order to secure a crumb of food and affection. Hopefully both in unison.

Assuming her role very seriously as office security, you can always rely on her vocal approach to let us know someone is arriving. Mostly the postman, who has now just resorted to throwing the post at the person closest to the door.

Its hard to know at times if there is a new rug on the office floor or just a sleeping dog.

contact details

Dog & Bone 01473 820 000
TDP Agency Holton Park Holton St Mary CO7 6NN

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