Ben WilsonHead of Production

TDP Marketing
areas of expertise
  • Production – Creating, Administering and executing complex trading & data orders for our clients
  • Administration – Keeping the TDP database well maintained, operational and up to date
  • Administering all of TDP’s data requests for clients
  • Building complex bespoke data sets for clients
  • Maintaining a 3 million strong marketing database for TDP

Ben Wilson is our Head of IT & Production. Ben oversees the delivery of all TDP’s data outputs, the administration of the SQL databases and ensures that the over-promised delivery times, the sales team make, are met.  He also builds algorithms to maximise productivity, reams of reports and streamlines internal systems. Ben is a god at TDP and like most God’s, most don’t believe he exists nor have a clue how he does it. 

Ben’s day job often resembles the scene from The Matrix, where digits & data run across his screen all day long. 

#include <stdio.h>int main(void){    printf(“Good, morning\n”);} (The coded way to greet Ben in the morning.) 

Unlike Victoria, who pretends she likes to run, Ben actually does enjoy running………… A LOT.

contact details

01473 820 000
TDP Agency, The Barn, Moat House Farm, Great Bricett, Ipswich, England, IP7 7DB

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