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Property Insight Data for Going Green!

With energy prices at an all-time high and climate change concerns, demand for energy saving measures in the home has seen huge growth in recent months. If you’re in the home improvements or domestic energy space – wouldn’t information about your customers homes be incredibly useful to your sales and marketing efforts?

Whether you’re running a direct mail, email, telemarketing or cross-channel campaign we have reams of insight to help you target those most in need of your services thereby helping the energy performance of your sales team!

Enquire about our Solar Data


    HAVE SOLAR records (already installed at their property)


    OFF Grid Users


    Boiler replacement recommendations


    Wall types (Solid or Cavity)


    Glazing Type and year of install


    Properties ‘Suitable for SOLAR panels’


    With over 20 years at the core of the direct & digital marketing industry TDP are a full-service data agency.

    Marketing Intelligence

    In collaboration with a unique set of commercial and retail data owners we have over 20million emails, 22million postal records and 15million mobile and landline records. Rebuilt on a monthly basis to ensure compliance and accuracy, we are able to help you reach the right market for whichever product you are taking to market.

    Deep Customer Insight

    We can analyse your own customer database to help you understand your ideal customer and offer prospecting lists that fit that criteria.

    Added Value

    • TDP brings 20 years + experience in the data and intelligence led marketing arena.
    • Well respected company in the industry
    • Prioritising fostering long-term client relations
    • Call centre partnerships worldwide
    • TPS licensed company
    • 95% accuracy guarantees
    • State of art CRM Management ensuring effective campaign management

    Discover what TDP Agency and our data could do for your marketing & your reputation…

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