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At TDP Agency we offer a no-obligation audit on your database cleansing to let you know what’s good or bad and what can be improved on. This is a critical database process to save on marketing costs and ensure your messages are delivered to active and suitable prospects or customers and that your organisation is GDPR ready.

One of the quickest ways to establish the accuracy of what records your organisation holds, is for TDP to run a validity audit on the database. This will flag data errors, gone-aways or home movers, show those who are deceased, duplicates and quickly highlight which records need attention. Not only is this expected from the 2nd of 3 principals of accuracy under GDPR preparation, it’s just good database practice. It’s critical for campaign efficiency and the process uses Royal Mail’s PAF service, GAS flagging, the Bereavement Register, the TPS and a host of vital database integrity checks.

This is possibly the most important, marketing revenue-saving service we provide, and the best news is, it’s absolutely free to run this audit! 

Optimise Your Direct Mail

Return to sender? Not through our PAF validation service (this is a process where we put your address in the correct format used by the Royal Mail Postal Address Finder); this will hugely reduce the number of returns from your mailing campaigns given that 20-30% of data decays every year for both consumer and business records. It reduces marketing wasting time, valuable resource and wasted capital outlay with incorrect data.

Additional services such as name cleansing, residency verification as well as gone-aways, deceased suppression and MPS screening – will result in a more productive and profitable direct mail campaign. We can improve an average database, based on 10k records with suppression and validation services by around 20% efficiency, it can save tens of thousands of £’s of lost marketing revenue each year.

If you use direct mail, The Postcode Address File (PAF) is the most up-to-date and complete address database in the UK, containing over 28 million addresses. PAF is used as a tool for maintaining mailing lists and databases, as well as reducing the number of returned or undelivered items.

DeDupe Data & Append

Across telephone, postal, email and mobile contacts. For more targeted and profitable multi-channel direct marketing campaigns, clients who use two or more channels when communicating with existing and new customers experience a 30%+ increase in response rates compared to a single channel campaign.

We use the MPS (Mailing Preference Service) and the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) of whom, we are a licensed cleaner, to instantly flag and suppress consumers and businesses from the CTPS who have opted out of marketing through these channels, that your business may be unaware of. Failure to screen your database against these registers could put you in breach of the current DPA and the GDPR, land you with monetary fines which could well put your organisation out of business. It’s not worth the risk, the recipient has asked not to receive such marketing, aside from the breach, is also brand damaging.

Drop us a line to see what quick wins we can bring to your database. You might be surprised at how cost-effective regular data-health audits can be. Please also see our blog post focusing on GDPR Consent, and what it means for your marketing.

Enhance Your Email Engagement

We provide a responsive email design & broadcast for our clients as part of our integrated data services. Your emails will be designed with your brand identity & campaign objectives. We have an award-winning email platform that delivers HTML design tools, clear metric reports, tracking and offers some very cool re-targeting opportunities.

TDP normally achieve around a 15-30% open rate for our commercial email broadcasts which speak volumes for the quality of our data, especially for a cold list.

Our design team will work with you at every stage of your email marketing campaign to provide a fully managed, end-to-end service. We get results by being honest with our clients about the performance they can expect from their email campaigns; advising on realistic open and click-through rates & conversions – we can provide you with the contact details of those that interacted with your email.

Through enhanced email verification we can instantly isolate and remove any invalid email records, which will result in an improved delivery rate for your email marketing, meaning your marketing messages reach the right destination and not end up in the junk file.

Email Cleansing – often referred to as Email Validation & Email Verification – is a process for checking the validity of one or more email addresses to ensure they are accurate and suitable to send to without deliverability or compliance issues. At TDP, this can be complemented by an Email Appending. Matched invalid or missing information is identified from within your database and then appended to the current data we hold, filling in any gaps. In the first instance, we can establish pretty swiftly what and how we can bring to your email marketing, call us for quick chat on 0844 561 1133.

Turbocharge Telemarketing Data

TPS screening and validated calling records ensure you have a list of live numbers and not a file of consumers who don’t wish to hear from you. Using the home location register (HLR) to establish live mobile numbers alongside landline validation platforms meaning you are only contacting people who are happy to receive marketing calls and your efforts are not wasted by dialing invalid or unobtainable numbers.

With business & consumer data decaying by up to 30% each year, regular data cleansing ensures your data is up-to-date enabling you to reduce unnecessary costs, deliver better-targeted campaigns and stay legally compliant. Send us an email and we can investigate what we can offer you.

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TDP offers a no-obligation audit of your database to let you know what’s performing, relevant and compliant – and more importantly what’s not. This is a critical database process to save on marketing costs and ensure your messages are delivered to active and suitable prospects or customers and that critically, your organization is GDPR compliant.

The quickest ways to establish the accuracy of what records your organisation uses for marketing is for TDP to run a database validity audit on the records you hold. This data enhancement process can flag data errors, duplicates and a host of inaccuracies, suppress and append gone-aways or home movers, show those who are recently deceased, flag up potentially harmful records and quickly highlight data that needs attention.  Quite aside from GDPR due diligence, this is just good database practice. It’s vital for campaign efficiency and uses services like Royal Mail PAF service, GAS flag, TPS suppression services, the Bereavement Register and a host of critical database integrity checks.

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