Our Data Regulators

TPS Telephone List Cleaner

TDP Agency is an official licensee and list cleaner of the TPS (Telephone Preference Service).

The Telephone Preference Service is a free service. It is the recognised central opt out register on which consumers can record their preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. It is a legal requirement that organisations do not make telemarketing calls to numbers registered on the TPS unless they have the consumer’s prior consent to do so. All data provided by TDP is fully opted in and cleansed against the TPS each week, as well as prior to every output. You can see the full list of TPS cleaners here.

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

TDP Agency is registered with the ICO as data controllers under the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA). The DPA implements the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The ICO is the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights, as well as govern the two critical pieces of consumer data protection legislation:

– Data Protection Act 2018
– Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (2003)

We regularly consult with the ICO to ensure we adhere to all aspects of data protection compliance.

Our ICO registration number is: ZA537625