Our Approach

Who are we?

TDP Agency are a full-service agency with data at its core. We build bespoke databases for you to grow your customer base and in turn, your business. We aggregate data from various sources that allow us to understand the marketing profile of your ideal customers and how best to approach them.

From pure database development to a responsive list that your Sales Manager will love, we help you uncover all those potential hot prospects. Right through to end-to-end campaign management, we can build you a multi-channel creative campaign from postal flyers to zingy email broadcasts, to telephone lists, website development, social media and SEO strategy…. all with a steely eye on compliance & GDPR. Consider us an extension of your marketing department without the hefty bar bill…

What do we do?

As a full-service Data Marketing Agency based in Suffolk, with a national client base – we provide accurate and validated business & consumer marketing data for your brand to ensure your marketing campaigns are targeted and successful. With a collaborative & consultant-led approach, we aim to understand your business goals, so we can help you reach them.

TDP’s broad experience in direct marketing data and campaign execution provides targeted lists, built specifically with your ideal or typical customer in mind.  Whether you need a telemarketing list, postal or email in either the B2C or B2B markets, we’ll be able to advise your best course of action.  We can also take the headache out of designing the creative for a postal or email campaign, organising the print, fulfilment or broadcast, making us a true one stop shop for all your direct marketing needs.

Initially created upon discovering a gap in the market of reliable and consistent data providers, TDP has experienced huge organic growth since and the majority of our business originates from recommendation, which is a testament to our values of data integrity, accuracy & marketing innovation.

With experts in every marketing specialism – we can provide total accountability for your marketing campaign from planning to delivery whether you’re an SME or a multi-national business.  Jump to our Services page for a full list of wares!

TDP is also a licensed cleaner of the TPS and (CTPS) register and we screen every data output against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS & CTPS) to ensure you’re not using telemarketing data which could breach the PECR regulations. We can cleanse your own files too – just ask!  We are also registered by the ICO and all of our staff have been level 2 trained in General Data Protection Regulations offering consultancy advice and guidance as to how your database can be cleansed including what is the most appropriate lawful basis for processing under GDPR, so you’re operational, legal and compliant.

Our marketing mission

  • To help grow your business
  • To help you can achieve greater relevance with your campaigns
  • More cost effective as you spend less time & money on disengaged prospects
  • To take the headache out of your marketing campaigning
  • To keep you informed of data compliance & governance

How we do it

Integrity is at our heart with compliance and permission led marketing being key to success, in an evolving industry. We offer you a time-saving, pain-easing, all under one roof direct marketing shop.  Direct Marketing is a major sales generator.  Companies polled in a study attributed 23% to their turnover to direct marketing.

Our consumer data offering is collected via consumer telephone and online surveys, online retail transactions, prize giving, comparison, and dating sites. All fully opted-in and continually verified and updated.  A claim we back up with 95% accuracy guarantees across all data products.  We collate and verify across a wide variety of useful variables (age, income, location, lifestyle interests, and more+) to enable us to reach your ideal target market.

Our business data offering is built from the sale of company databases and 15 years of hard prospecting labour.  With variables based on job roles, industry sectors (SIC), employee and turnover bands you can be sure it’ll fit your requirements.

We also produce award-winning Direct Mail – with design, print and fulfilment. We have established supplier agreements with some of the largest direct mail printers in the UK. Our experience of print, creative, production and delivering final “doorstepped” material such as video mailers, brochures, leaflets and flyers is tried and tested.

TDP has a highly-skilled creative department with real care and expertise in creating compelling multi-channel comms for hundreds of large national brands and SME’s alike. Our skills include branding, graphic design, social and digital, with in-house photographers, sales support and print personnel.

Our data consultants are on hand to help you increase your sales by providing up to date contact information, help clean your own customer lists, manage end-to-end your marketing campaigns and generally just look after you.  Who doesn’t want that?

Got a niche business? chances are we’ve got a list

Our corporate data requests are often very specifically defined, TDP ensure we perform individual counts on each and every request.

We hold well over 2000+ B2B classifications and 100’s of B2C lifestyle selections, so each marketing channel and variable our client’s request, are quite unique and ultimately influence the number of the records we can provide.

Accurate and responsive data is the foundation of successful campaigns, ensuring your marketing is relevant and maximising its effectiveness. We appreciate that the investment in marketing data is often a big purchasing decision for brands and where possible, we will work with you to provide sample records, or give our assurances of the right channel & sector and always offer our advice based on our experience of your sector.

For us, accuracy matters most

Each day it is estimated that tens of thousands of contact numbers change across the UK business land-line network, there are in the region of 580k new businesses start up each year according to the ONS. Data can be screened for verification of existing numbers or additional new numbers, so if you’re calling out, it’s going to be an effective use of everyone’s time & budgets if you’ve got an accurate calling file.

If you’re purchasing new data without addressing the decay and possible updates of your current records, you may find there’s a quicker and more profitable route to new business.

We can also offer  Email, Name & Address Verification | Profiling & Classification Sortation | Telephone Number Auditing & CTPS | Suppression & Validation | Email Address Validation | and The Business Changes File (BCF) | HLR | Landline validation