Ways to keep your PECR up?

A quick guide to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

Everyone’s heard of GDPR, which became law in 2018 – but what is PECR? And how does it apply to you and your business?

PECR stands for the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations – which works alongside the current Data Protection Act and GDPR. PECR is a set of EU Laws regulating electronic communications services, how they work together and stipulates how businesses can legally communicate with the general public.

Its main goal is to give consumers an equal level of protection using these services – these regulations control how companies can handle data when they interact with customers/leads via electric communications, email, web visits via cookies, location data, itemised billing, line identification, and directory listings and any online comms which uses or stores private data.

What does is cover?

PECR covers all types of “electronic communications”, this includes email, text messages, and even conference calls. Also, covering the collection of personal data via online web forms – that use this data for marketing purposes, so almost every contact form on your website.

Areas it covers:

  • Correction and access of personal data.
  • Data quality (Including accuracy of personal data).
  • Time period that information can be used.
  • Security measures for electronic communications services.
  • Prevention of access to personal data from third parties.


Who does the PECR apply to?

The UK GDPR sits alongside PECR. PECR rules apply and use the UK GDPR standard of consent; meaning that if you send electronic marketing or use cookies or similar technologies you must comply with both PECR and the UK GDPR.

Naturally, there is some overlap, given that both aim to protect people’s privacy. Complying with PECR will help you comply with the UK GDPR, and vice versa – but there are some differences, and you must make sure you comply with both.

This includes both individuals who use these services as well as businesses and organisations that offer them. Like GDPR, it is important to make sure your company complies when contacting new leads.

Why comply?

These regulations have been put into place to protect the rights of individuals to privacy and confidentiality – including their right to communicate freely. It’s very important for companies to abide by these rules and take adequate steps to make sure their customer rights are being respected. As well as this failure to abide by PECR can result in hefty fines and customers losing faith in organisation if they feel their privacy rights are not being respected.

The Good news!

GDPR and PECR can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be!  At TDP Agency we can help our clients comply with regulations like PECR and EU GDPR, even helping you through Privacy Impact Assessment’s.

To find out how we can work with you to ensure your campaigns remain compliant with PECR, please contact enquiries@tdpagency.co.uk or schedule a call today to speak to one of our data privacy experts.

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