Data Marketing insight with Victoria Pooley

Victoria speaks all things Marketing Data…

Our very own MD Victoria Pooley joins Graham Arrowsmith & Kevin Appleby on their latest podcast episode is exploring the world of data marketing. The podcast covers great subjects such as effective email campaigns, target audiences, data analysis, data cleansing and the data industry as a whole. It offers hints and tips about how the multichannel approach is the best kind to gain maximum response. So, you might email a client, follow it up with a telephone call,  follow that up with a direct mail piece. That three-pronged ‘attack’ will get you in the psyche of the consumer.

Graham questions Victoria about how she sees how the Data industry may change over the next 10 years ” Well, the data industry has just gone through a massive change with GDPR. It means that everyone has had to pull up their socks and sort themselves out. Those in the industry have had to really dust down the compliance side of it and it needed doing – it needed a shakeup. That said, it’s been a bit of a headache!” But, within the past 12 months, people have become a lot more confident in what they are doing. Within the next 5 years, Victoria can see people settling down and growing what they are doing from a basic point of decent compliance, where the consumer has transparency and the market is being targeted accurately. Victoria hopes that people will be open to marketing because it is coming from relevant places. People are not being bombarded”

Victoria goes on to give insight into how the need for using clean data is imperative ”Direct marketing is very expensive – albeit the most responsive marketing – so it is important to make sure you are sending your marketing to businesses or targeted prospects that are actually there. Data cleansing is imperative. A few years down the line, almost half your data is going to be wrong. In terms of consumer data, it really depends on whether it’s from rural areas of from a city. In rural areas, there tends not to be such a high turn over. City dwellers will move frequently so data will need refreshing. Additionally, for GDPR purposes you need to make sure your data is fresh and up to date, under the legal principles.

In fact, data cleansing is integral because correct data is paramount before you can even start marketing!

To hear more marketing insight, take a listen to the podcast over at  #206 – Victoria Pooley Podcast

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