2020 Vision

Welcome to 2020, a year full of things that have never yet been …

With the last decade drawn to a close, it is out with the old and in with the new with wishes of happiness the whole way through. We hope you’ve had a wonderful first couple of weeks into the year and are ready and raring to go.

Some top marketing news so far this year…

  • We start not only with a new year but a whole new decade, which can be a great time to reflect back on the great things that happened in that last decade. Looking back can only make your marketing strategy for the coming year even stronger. A reminder of some of the 2019 marketing trends that took off last year have been produced, for a closer look click [here]


  • Data-driven marketing has now become an irreplaceable resource for any marketing department. It allows precise marketing to target audiences to be carried out effectively and emotionally. This, in turn, has now allowed marketers to come up with even better strategies to strengthen their customer relationships. To read more about how click [me]


What is TDP’s 2020 vision?

2020 see’s us continuing to assist our clients in executing their marketing strategies with the power of our bespoke data packages. We are keen this year to forge even more new relationships as well as maintaining our already fabulous client relationships.

If you are looking to fuel your marketing strategy this year, give us a shout. Incase you drank too much-mulled wine over the Christmas holidays and need a refresher on what we do, we create bespoke marketing data packages that allow you to target & interact with your audiences directly through data-led list provision and intelligence. And whilst you tackle your audience head-on we can assist with any background brand marketing you may require.

From the black magic of SEO so that your company can be at the forefront of online searches, to the fulfillment & design for postal & email campaigns, quick or in-depth updates to your website and keeping you prominent in the social media world. If you have any exciting projects coming up, get in touch or take a closer look at our services pages.

We really enjoyed reconnecting with some old clients during the Christmas period over our infamous Santa Hop game, It had us thinking, we are all in this together and so what better way to go at it this year than all together? We’re quite sure we could always enhance your marketing plans, and who knows maybe you could complement us too?



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