1 Goal – 1 Vision – 1 Source 

How does obtaining multiple data feeds through 1 company, with 1 contact, 1 invoice, and 1 compliance and validation process sound? 

TDP Agency has been in the data industry for 20 years and has accumulated around 40 million consumer and business records as well as a vast network of partner networks that we utilise to compile some of the best targeted and accurate databases. 

So, rather than dealing with multiple data and lead generating companies that cost time, effort and money why not let us become your outsourced data handling company? We can supply the whole lock, stock, and barrel so you only ever have to deal with one person.

We are able to continue your relationships with data suppliers that you currently use as well as introduce you to new sources.

As a TPS license holder, we will screen all records before any outputs to you, we will also take care of all due diligence required on the data source. We will validate and cleanse all the contact information before it reaches you, giving you peace of mind that the file is in tip-top condition. 

 In addition, we will schedule weekly or monthly calls with you to assess the data performance from the different sources and adjust supply based on what feeds your team works best. 

So why not head into the new year with a fresh contact’s strategy? and let us do the leg work for you. What sound’s better than, 1 company, 1 contact, 1 invoice?


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