With a hop, spring & a Jump Christmas is here

The month of festivities is upon us and with a spring in our step this December we’re back with the hugely popular Santa hop.

To award your spring worthy keyboard  skills this Christmas we are offering some great prizes for big scores!

All you have to do is hold your mouse down, keep the spring depressed based on the next chimney distance, then release, but careful – he’s sprung loaded & it’s never as easy as it looks!

Attempt your  highest score (with as many go’s as you need) then screenshot your achievement and submit it to us along with your details (name & company) to our email hello@tdpagency.co.uk or to our social media channel @TdpAgency

We will collate scores and announce our 🎉WINNER 🎉on Friday 20th December !

🎁 🎁 Prizes up for grabs  🎁 🎁

💵 £50 Amazon voucher

📈Free TPS suppression on clients own customer database of up to 10,000 records

 🥧Box of Mince Pies