Smart Meter rollout delay means more time to reach consumers

Recently the government announced the deadline for their Smart Energy rollout was to be delayed from 2020 until 2024.

The Smart Energy rollout means energy suppliers (regardless of their size) are obliged to offer Smart Meters to ALL UK households by the end of the deadline in 2024.

The benefits of having a Smart Meter installed means the consumer is able to monitor exact gas and electricity usage and send this vital information directly to their chosen energy supplier.

This removes the costly issue of estimated readings & bill adjustments and having to set time aside to be present for engineers to do readings at households. The hope is to increase a household awareness about energy usage and the environmental benefits of energy efficiency.

How can TDP help with the Smart Meter rollout?

We can help in a number of different ways, from working with your current lists of customers to assisting you in sourcing new ones.

With so many households in the UK  being supplied by different energy suppliers, the task of contacting these individuals is a mammoth one.

TDP has one of the most comprehensive in-house databases on the market, as well as a list of trusted and compliant data affiliates that we partner with to increase our data universe.

As a result of this, we have supplied many companies with a tailored database of their customers & potential audiences, all with clean and current information. We also have the option to take any database you currently have and screen it through our platforms and suppression files to locate the correct, up to date contact details including telephone numbers & email addresses, to enable your customer service team to reach out directly to them in order to discuss your services and products directly.

Through our extensive knowledge of the industry, we have curated many successful campaigns in this sector and we know that energy suppliers are using this roll out as an opportunity to offer their services to homes supplied by other suppliers. The benefit of this for the consumer, is not only an education in energy efficiency in the home, but also an offer of new technology to help manage their energy bills, which in turn can make for tariff savings.

(In October of this year OFGEM published guidelines to all energy suppliers that you have to show transparency with customers and inform them if there is a cheaper tariff available, regardless of who the supplier is)

Energy suppliers can take advantage of the smart meter rollout by, not only marketing this technology but, also the tariffs they offer, in order to increase their market share.

TDP has many different variables within our database including known energy supplier, type of energy used, size of property and payment type. If this is something that interests you, come and find out more.

If you would like talk to us about how we can pair you up with old and new customers, give one of our team a call today!

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