Social media & marketing in the workplace

A handful of major brands have now taken to social media to showcase their working worlds. We can now be found in a vortex of scrolling through other company’s work culture’s, employee stories, company news, highlights, professional achievements and even a few canteen lunches.

Social media platforms have so far always been the go-to of promoting your company’s product’s but now it’s becoming a lot more popular to promote yourself AND your role within the company.

Giving people insight into, albeit, a virtual version of your working world, a glimpse of your working surroundings and shared spaces with your colleagues, it gives intrigue and familiarity into the company they may be looking to deal with. Having been recently suggested that this social interaction improves professional relationship’s with clients due to the nature of its personable content. It can also be inspiring; it can enhance information and discovery and even delivery.

Should your business relationships evolve in the same way technology does? If it all began with an email or a telephone call, how long before we are fighting the urge to find out more about who we are talking with? How long have they been in their role? What’s their office like? What company did they work for previously? And that girl Sarah who answered Andy’s phone the other day, we got on quite well, I wonder what her role is? (logs onto Linkedin instantly to find out)

The media wave is moving forward, it is progressing from personal social to business social. It is another way of promoting your services and your products and your company whilst being personable. The popular account of Sir Richard Branson shows the world on a daily basis, how he goes about his day, who he works with, where he visits and how he chooses to conduct his business. Whilst Sir Richard Branson is a familiar figure, would it make us feel more personable with Becky from the print firm if we were to have a social insight into her daily role and workplace?

Social media marketing makes room and opportunity not only for social interaction and forging worthwhile relationships but also target marketing, it means that you are gaining insight by interacting with likeminded companies, businesses or potential new audiences just by sharing some social content. It allows a transparency of your company, who knows if Joe bloggs who has helped three thousand clients execute their marketing goals, actually works in a room the size of a shoebox under a railway line or on the top floor of the shard? Does it really matter? After-all he’s helped 3000 clients reach their destination.

What are your thoughts on company insight? We’ve all got our meet the team page, we’ve all seen highlights of our company’s achievements on social platforms, We’ve all tracked down our account managers on LinkedIn, but what about now letting your deal makers, deal breakers, potential clients take a look further into the life of your working world?

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