ISDN SWITCH OFF What does it mean for us all?

BT released a statement in 2015 that it would stop taking new ISDN orders in 2020, with a view to switching-off and deactivating its ISDN network completely in 2025.

By 2020 BT will no longer be offering ISDN services to clients and by 2025 not only wont they be offering the service any longer but word has it they have no intention of supporting the antiquated network.


For some time now, BT has been making plans to move all its voice network over to VoIP (voice over IP). VoIP — unlike traditional solutions — does not run over copper lines, making them and line rental redundant. The only thing you need is an active internet connection.

40% of the UK market has already recognised that switching to a VoIP solution provides a number of key benefits and most of those have already saved money by doing so, Aside from being a more modern, progressive technology, VoIP has many advantages for businesses over PSTN and ISDN:

It’s much quicker to provision new lines. You can reduce your line rental because you’ll need fewer physical lines, which gives potential for huge cost saving.

It is incredibly scalable and flexible – e.g. pairing a SIP line with a cloud-based telephone system can give you the ability to easily transfer calls between offices and locations, to use your work line whilst anywhere in the country and to see which members of your team are available to take calls.

Cloud based systems do have a strong future, its slowly catching up with the flexibility of integration and once your business has broadband speeds / bandwidth which can support applications being off site it has some strong benefits. You no longer need to manage these internally and all you would need is an internet connection.

What does it mean for us?

For us it means we can strike up a meaningful relationship with suppliers looking to service businesses needing to update their systems. We can supply businesses who have not yet migrated into a VOIP system, thus for becoming a potential lead for your company to pursue.

What does it mean for you?

It means you can pursue each of those companies as a potential lead. We can supply a list for you that entails a few variations of upgrades they will require. You can then approach those companies to offer your services.

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