GDPR & the EU – For the avoidance of doubt, slow down

Data Regulation is rather like a variable speed camera, we all admit to going a tad over the speed limit when there are no camera’s watching, but throw in an ‘ICO shaped’ variable speed camera and we are all suddenly aware of what speed we are doing. At least these days, with greater clarity provided by the regulators, we feel like we now at least know what the speed limit is. Vix Pooley, makes a case that brands need to keep a firmer grasp on the GDPR wheel.

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TDP Marketing
is ahead of the curve as far as being ready for the GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation), which comes into force 25th May 2018.  Many of the GDPR’s main concepts  and principles are much the same as those in the current Data Protection Act (DPA), so if you are complying properly with the current law then most of your approach to compliance won’t be an issue.  However, there are some additions and stricter policies.  The ICO have issued a ’12 steps to take now’ guide;

Our Summary
The first step in the guide was a suggestion of increasing awareness with all decision makers and key staff.  They should know how the changes to GDPR will affect your organisation.  TDP are working closely with external independent compliance trainers. We’ve held several company-wide training days and suggest you do the same to ensure your organisation is up to speed.  These come with plenty of certificates and evidence of training, which the regulators love.

What you need to know
Much of the GDPR is about the information held, the individual rights and how transparent the use of that information is to the individual (privacy policies).  TDP holds information relating to consumers with sector and channel opt-in (consents) and date of consent or ‘data retention timeframes’, as the ICO are calling it. All of these answers can be found in our data, through the privacy policies available at point of collection.  These can be made available to you prior to the point of sale to ensure all of your list purchases and marketing campaigns comply.  In addition, we have robust procedures in place surrounding SARS (Subject Access Request – step 5) data suppression and the life cycle of each record.  We can confidentially help you tick every box on this checklist – can your other suppliers do this?

In a nutshell, you can be assured that the data you receive from us has been lawfully collected with the full consent of the consumer, in line with the current DPA and future GDPR…leaving you to get on with your day job.

What can TDP Marketing do for your brand on Data Protection?
Ultimately, the new GDPR will bring welcomed greater transparency for the consumer.  Gone are the days where a pre-ticked opt-in was considered valid as long as the consumer didn’t opt-out.  No longer can you hide your intended use of the record in reams of jargon and volumes of T’s and C’s. Clear, transparent and unambiguous consent will be the bi-words of 2018. This is a good thing, it will result in more targeted marketing aimed at people who want to hear about your product or services, who are aware that they are likely to receive marketing information and you won’t be wasting money on targeting your sales efforts at consumers that don’t want to be sold to.

If cash-flow is king, then compliance is the ruler of the world!

Slow down, avoid the fines and drop us a line to see what we can do for your brand:

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