SMEs the link to Growth, Prosperity & Longevity

With a record number of new businesses starting up in 2016, don’t be tempted to fall short and become a victim of poorly thought-out marketing or growth strategies, you might just get overtaken by a rookie business…

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SME’s account for 99% of private sector businesses, the growth of UK small businesses is crucial to stabilising the UK economy and growing our GDP. Making positive changes to your business can play a key role in the economy and more importantly, improve your bottom line. “But I haven’t got time or a budget for marketing” I hear you say…

Well, what you could be actually saying is, “I’m not planning to stay in business next year” because when we assist with most SME marketing strategies, their campaigns and delivery methods are often poorly researched and executed. TDP’s expert marketing team can offer some effective joined-up solutions to help you secure new orders, reach new markets or territories to maintain your profit margins and move you at warp speed in the direction you want to go as a business. Just think of us as a Data Marketing Consultancy, who can expand your audience, and your horizons.

You do what you do best and once you start working with a data agency who shares your passion and vision, with our consultancy first approach, there’s no downside in that for you. We know that marketing absorbs time and costs, so we can suggest campaigns & lead generation ideas that suit your budget, however small and work with you to drive the results you are looking for.

Positioning is everything

Are you actively growing your business or just reactive to changes around you? Measure your returns, have a look at your current marketing spend, is it getting you the results you want?  Lot’s of SME’s get sucked into an expensive PPC campaign with little thought as to whether those search results are yielding real business, when the data and marketing options of reaching out to your market is the reactive angle, as oppose to the passive paid search marketing option.

Businesses waste thousands on campaigns that aren’t properly thought out, whether through inaccurate data, awkward approaches into new mediums or sectors. Look at the cosmic shifts in the tech-based marketing platforms of the last 3 years, speak to us first about how you can exploit gaps in your sector and gain a greater market share; less work. more business. We work with marketing agencies and brands alike to identify gaps within their market and clearly illustrate how businesses like yours can optimise their current campaigns through the insight our data marketing agency holds.

Make-up of UK business population

We can explain in clear speak, the best way to market your business and reach prospects more effectively. TDP’s consultants can talk you through the many ways to get your message across to your ideal prospects, via mediums and channels you want to communicate through, but better. We have access to forensically detailed and prescriptive marketing data across 100’s of sectors so we can analyse, optimise and enhance your promotional language and communications by improvements or additions you can make to progress as a business. Some numbers below make for interesting reading when looking at speaking or marketing to SME’s

  • In 2016, there were 1.3 million employing businesses and 4.2 million non-employing businesses. Therefore, 76% of businesses did not employ anyone aside from the owner.
  • The overall business population includes three main legal forms: there were 3.3 million sole proprietorships (60% of the total), 1.8 million companies (32%), and 421,000 ordinary partnerships (8%).
  • There were 2.5 million businesses registered for VAT or PAYE, 45% of the total population. A further 3.0 million are not registered for either VAT or PAYE.

Trust, Test & Outsource

Being an SME ourselves, we understand the challenges you face, but your organisation can also achieve sustainable business growth through identifying problem areas and letting us come up with unique solutions to gain competitive advantage. Firstly, you need to understand your target audience, the market you operate in and don’t make sweeping assumptions either. It’s important to do your homework, trends and fashions change as do consumer’s needs. Revisit your marketing strategy frequently, or at least write one in the first instance! Then speak to us about what intelligence and insight we can offer and add to this – and don’t wait until sales have levelled off before you do it. Grow, prosper and work with a data marketing agency who can get the results you want and deliver the campaigns your business needs.

Saj Mughal
Senior Data Consultant, TDP Direct Marketing

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