A Guide to Buying B2B Data for Marketing

One of the most often asked questions we get, is how much is data?” It’s quite obviously a seemingly common misconception that there’s a set price for what is bespoke business intelligence and essentially one of your companies most important assets.


It’s a fixed-price myth, mostly perpetuated by some pretty low-rent data brokers online, who offer standard ‘buy-it-now’ lists and offer credit card payments to purchase for what is often a hammered generic marketing spreadsheet, with obviously limited permissions and even more limited intelligence behind it. From both misguided seller and sadly through misrepresentation, often the buyer, this only serves to re-enforce the fact that this marketing data is not fit for purpose. And take it from us; if you can buy it online without speaking to someone, it’s going to be poor quality often illegally obtained and your campaign will undoubtedly flop!

With Marketing Data – you get what you pay for

This type of service provision evidently seems to serve only that instant gratification scenario we are all sometimes guilty of committing when tasked with acquiring an asset for a company. But inevitably, it makes our consultancy-first approach quite refreshing and sometimes unexpected to clients who speak to us for the first time when thinking of purchasing some new leads, prospects or business data of their target market. The now de-facto, “but how much is it per record” question often is soon forgotten when we qualify what you sell or what service is provided and that your data request is researched and uniquely specific. How you’ve gathered your data to date, and it’s often a surprise to learn that we often start with standard industrial classifications (SIC codes) and occasionally a surprise to some that the government, via Companies House issues a condensed version of the full list of codes via the Office of National Statistics.

But how is this different from my previous data supplier?

The next and most obvious question that allow us to factor price are – what are you going to use the business data for? It’s not an unusual question but again the buy-online route obviously doesn’t care. TDP Marketing routinely sort, acquire, validate, supply and broadcast campaigns every day for our clients, it helps both of us if we can be realistic about your intentions. License agreements are there to protect both parties and you may want to just send one email, or maybe it’s for a longer tail campaign, or newsletter broadcasts etc.

How specific can you get with marketing information?

As well as selecting the type of company you want to speak to, we can profile the data by your target recipients job title, their company turnover, its location, employee size and dozens more business variables that turn generic into specific. We supply properly researched business data contacts for your CRM that will build brand awareness, attract new business customers, increase traffic and grow your commercial marketing potential. Whichever channel or sector you decide to move forward with – obviously we appreciate that allocation of marketing spend on business list purchase is limited, but don’t buy it without speaking to someone at TDP Marketing first!

Incidentally, if it’s North Atlantic Fishermen you’re looking for, and specifically ‘Wholesale of other food, including fish,
crustaceans and molluscs’ it’s SIC code 46380 🐟

Drop us a line to see what campaign uplift we could offer to your data:

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