What is Insight Data?

Terms like ‘consumer behaviours’ and ‘customer insight’ when it comes to data and marketing records are often thrown around when marketing teams or brands are looking to expand their reach. But how accurate is this new form of multi-channel buying behavioural marketing data?



Data agencies and creative teams make many promises about predictive buying #InsightData but if you’ve ever spent any of your marketing budget on re-targeting as part of your strategy, you’ll know ‘the moment’ or purchase intention is often lost on the consumer – who more than likely has often moved on or gone transactional elsewhere by the time they’ve seen your banner for the 15th time!

Our data source allows us to work with recent active consumers through the channel they choose to interact through, the actual products they purchase, and ensure that the prospect is actually engaged with offers, not via the assumed behaviours route that most list brokers who market lifestyle databases.

Sample Dataset – x100,000 Records | Active Parents
Have children, interested in discounted offers.
Suitable: insurance marketing, annual policies, mid-life professionals.

Sample Dataset – x31,450 Records | Lower income, fixed outgoings
Activity with low value catalogues, pay by instalments, have credit card.
Suitable: Loans and consolidation, credit cards, poor credit histories

Sample Dataset – x100,000 Records | Charitable Donors
Charity donors, age 50+, female, and channel options
Suitable: Great for Charity Direct Marketing (obviously requires explicit opt it for telephone fund-raising purposes)

Sample Dataset – x34,804 Records | Jet Setters & mature individuals
Age 55+, Highly affluent consumers, interest in cruises or interest in travel
Suitable: Perfectly suited for holiday industry, cruises, travel or insurance campaigns

Sample Dataset – x100,000 Records |  Fashionistas & apparel buyers     
Male and female fashion buyers, channel: postal/online
Great for mail order industries, mail order companies

Our multi-channel intelligence data sets, are the missing link to support your brand marketing and insight needs – from strategic campaigns to actual acquisition marketing, and perfect to stimulate interest, create awareness or reactivate buyers based on actual known behaviours and activity. That’s why we call it Insight Data, but before your team or senior decision makers get seduced by some Minority Report style ‘intention data‘ ask yourself some serious questions, specifically if it sounds too good to be true…?

Enough said 🙂

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