How to Really Make Your Marketing Shine!

Struggling to find customers but know you have a killer product? TDP allow you to talk directly to customers who actually want your product: with targeted email, postal and mobile data. But where do you start…?

The old ways of ad-hoc media advertising are diminishing and mass marketing clearly has limited appeal. Newspapers, TV, radio and even some forms of online advertising are getting pushed to the side and ignored. Customers blocking ads online is one avenue for this change – UK ad blocking grew by 82% in 2015 to reach over 12 million active users. Customers are also increasingly showing they only react to messages directly targeted at them, directly relevant to them. Using databases of email, postal and phone records is gaining traction as a powerful alternative to traditional methods. When handled properly, direct data marketing can provide huge returns on investment for any business.

But be warned!

With the steady rise of data agencies providing highly targeted consumer and business data lists, the regulators have caught up and are increasingly slapping massive fines on businesses in breach of their codes. Data management is risky. For example, every data record must be fully traceable back to when and how the explicit opt-in happened (when the consumer or business gives permission to be contacted).

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So how do I get data?

You’ll need to contact a data agency, and a good one at that. Your email, postal and phone lists should be highly targeted – including factors such as age and location, but also shopping habits, recent purchases, travel frequency and more. Although this is a complicated process with strict regulations, the opportunities are endless. The right data agency can make it simple and measurable – with a strict focus on return on investment.

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