Fall (back) in love with your customers

When was the last time you cleaned or validated any of your consumer or business marketing customer lists? If the answer is never, (or even last year) then it’s time to have our information analysts at TDP Direct Marketing look at addressing the definite errors on your customer database. We can enhance, append, cleanse, verify, validate & improve your consumer or business lists and databases.

TDP Marketing Customer Reactivation

With a terrifying proportion of prospect and customer data decaying every year – it’s wise to have a database audit conducted to see what can be enhanced, corrected, updated or any of the other low-cost, high yield ways we can add value to your most precious asset – your customers and prospects. Be reactive rather than passive, data is so transient at the very least, it should be routinely matched and screened against the Telephone Preference Service, the TPS. Our in house database SQL programmers rebuild our data on a quarterly basis ensuring things are kept up to date and current.

Are you just waiting for returns from your direct mail or unsubscribe’s or complaints from your direct mail, email, SMS or telemarketing activity? If so, you’re possibly wasting resources which are affecting your bottom line at every marketing level and channel. To ensure your keeping everyone happy and mitigating compliance breach risk, let us audit your data or better still; audit your complete data capture and direct marketing practices. You may also benefit from our Data Protection Compliance Training – which can be carried out on your premises depending on your requirements.

Most organisations already have a wealth of information and by concentrating on improving historic or lapsed marketing lists could prove more fruitful then purchasing a new list to market to. TDP Direct Marketing can help you rekindle relationships with lost customer and prospects as well as verify your customer records. We can also identify people who have moved address, people who may be moving address or identify those that have passed on. With around 3 million people moving home in the UK each year and half a million passing away – your marketing material could be saved with a leaner, more productive list. Credible, agile data saves company revenue, protects your brand image and reputation, a data health-check audit can also give you a good indication of how much carbon you’re company is needlessly wasting, highlight where improvements can be made, indicates what money can be saved and what the return on your investment will be. Call us for an informal chat on 0844 561 1133 and we guarantee it will be a lucrative exercise that will help you re-connect with some old friends (and possibly make some new ones).

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