Entrepreneurship & innovation for SME’s & Micro Businesses

Our clients range from large multi-nationals to one-man-bands, at TDP Marketing we manage marketing campaigns for businesses large & small with an international, national or regional customer base.

The hard fact of new commerce is that the overwhelming majority of start-up ventures fail within the first 3 years and established businesses’ marketing often stagnates over time – it’s important for all business, of any size, to be innovative to ensure they grow and prosper. Whether you’re trying to launch a new product or find a different type of customer – our full-service marketing can play an instrumental role in helping you create broader appeal in different channels and sectors.  TDP Direct Marketing

We can suggest some dynamic direct marketing solutions which will deliver the results you need without the pain of sourcing the skills in, from different places. Our multi-channel marketing expertise and broad skills-set across all broadcast disciplines are a great asset for new businesses and our data consultancy service adds value; which is normally only accessible to larger commercial companies.

If you’re struggling with new ideas or marketing innovation within your organisation, outsourcing to an agency like TDP Marketing allows really inspiring ideas and knowledge to be shared freely and often we may just be able share our experience of what you’re planning and offer valuable guidance, cheaper routes to market and share insight on what will work best for you and what the costs are.

As entrepreneur Theo Paphitis stated last year in an article in The Guardian on why start-up’s fail…
“They haven’t done the research, they don’t know where to go for the right funding … it’s rarely one thing.” However there is a common theme, stated the retail magnate. “The reason people fail is because they don’t do their homework.” You wouldn’t sit an exam without doing any preparation, he pointed out. “A business is no different. It’s about knowing more than the next guy or girl and performing better, and the only way you can do that is through knowledge. It’s basic stuff but we don’t do it.”

Old school marketing-rules

We use open innovation and profound data knowledge management to foster new ideas and allow for a rich and diverse marketing campaign. But it’s not all about data and mail-shots – we actively promote old school marketing techniques that are often alien to millennials, many of which; our new breed of British entrepreneurs are.

Networking and industry specific trades shows are fantastic options for prospecting as well as sharing ideas and tactics, our economy is become more knowledge based; so innovating and trying new things will be crucial to your firm’s success. Have you thought about co-creation? This is where you use your customers to come up with ideas, they will need to play a key role throughout your new product development – so be nice to them!  We know that balancing risk with innovation is tricky and understand the challenges businesses face when trying to reach new audiences or get their message across in a constructive and productive way. Our Data Consultants at TDP Marketing are seasoned marketing professionals who can talk freely and impartially about your marketing plans and we’ll offer a suitable solution that fits within your budget, chances are we’ve done it before – and with our minimum marketing campaigns starting form around £500, it’s prudent to talk to us first; about how we can help you secure some well deserved orders from brand new customers in ways you haven’t either thought of or have had much experience in.

It’s all (still) the about the data though…

If your business is struggling (even if you’re comfortable and prospering currently) It’s always important to look at new ways to gain greater market share or make incremental changes to gain a competitive edge over your rivals, if you’re not growing…..! This can be done through adopting a more entrepreneurial organisational culture or by trying new things. We can offer datasets of a different demographic profile who you don’t usually target or provide additional insight into who your ideal customers are.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are the engines for business growth – be innovative try a new direct marketing campaign, but don’t be half hearted in your approach. If you want exceptional results; build in some memorable messages and some striking imagery into your direct mail or email creative. We offer competitive rates for design, production and fulfilment so get a quotation from us, you may just find we are cheaper than your current provision and it will also give you a benchmark marketing cost.

Saj Mughal
Data Consultant


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