New generation of DM shakes up marketing

Have you deleted any emails recently? Easy wasn’t it? There’s a whole generation of marketing experts out there that are still convinced that email campaigns are the ‘way forward’.

Clearly, email campaigns do work; we design and broadcast campaigns for our customers all the time. Of course, they have to be very targeted, timely and topical. It’s fair to say that a lot of work goes into a quality broadcast, just finding an appropriate subject line can take a while nowadays. Let’s not even talk about firewalls, spam filters and the fact that worldwide 22% of emails never reach an inbox.

However, quality direct mail campaigns are making a comeback and in our opinion, and once marketers and customers realise just how exciting technology can make Direct Mail and we’re talking high quality multi-sensory Direct Mail, the growth will continue at exponential levels.

A recent study conducted by the Royal Mail suggests that direct mail drives longer term value for brands through direct action and positive brand perception. The research claims a huge 92% of the 3,000 consumers surveyed, revealed they had an emotional response and therefore interacted with the brand as a direct result of receiving a piece of mail they found valuable and relevant to them.

Hard to ignore facts:

83% of people said that valued mail kept them up to date
60% of people said that valued mail can help keep a brand in a prominent position in their mind
29% of people said valued mail helped them plan a future purchase

In an ideal world, marketeers should consider adopting multi-channelled campaigns, combining online and offline strategies. Why use both? Marketing campaigns with mail achieved over twice (205%) the market share growth when measured against campaigns without mail in the mix. In all cases, these statistics relate to valued mail, so quality in design and presentation is paramount to the success of a campaign.

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