Data Compliance: The Real Cost

With recent media attention placing the telemarketing practices of companies under the spotlight, and the EU data protection reform set to come into effect by 2018, it is prudent that all businesses review their data collection methods and compliance procedures to prevent unforeseen ICO fines and more challenges for the telemarketing industry.

Guidance, best-practice and legislative bodies are behind the curve that is driving this tidal wave of data dissemination. Data handlers must lead the move towards total compliance, by purchasing only TPS-cleansed, opted-in data sets, registering with the relevant regulatory bodies and adhering to ICO enforced legislation on data use and retention.

There were some 15,000 complaints to the ICO in one month alone in 2014. The chief intrusion is from companies generating new business by telemarketing to non-compliant data – of consumers registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and of whom haven’t opted-in to hear from that company. The most recent breach has seen the largest ICO fine thus far of £200,000 – it’s the handling and management of data records which causes the major lapses.

The compliant face of your business

All UK businesses will soon be answerable to the ICO for the data they retain, its original opt-in and if they have the correct permissions to market in the first instance. We offer a solution which provides your business with a TPS-cleansed supply of B2C data, of which has the requisite consent to be contacted via our third parties. TDP will remain the data controller; therefore will be responsible for keeping the database up-to-date, handle any compliance enquiries on your behalf from the consumer, and assist with any regulatory body investigations regarding the source and opt-in permissions associated with the data supply.

As the compliant face of your business, we can ensure your marketing practices adhere to EU data protection and PECR regulations through our compliance audits and data governance training services. We can also cleanse your own database in line with the eight data protection act principles to ensure you have the correct permissions to market.

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